The Competition DeBunked

The success of the ReBuilder System has spawned many would-be imitators, claiming to do the same or better, for less. Some of them have fancy LED screens, Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries and multiple treatment options such as interferential and micro-current. You must carefully filter through the hype and consider all the components of each type of therapy:

Most of these copy-cat devices claim to have "deconstructed" the ReBuilder signal, or to have programmed a therapy which "mimics" the ReBuilder signal. This is clear evidence of our success, why else would you try to copy it? And yet, they are still missing something.

The ReBuilder is a very specialized device, and treats the entire peripheral nerve pathway from the tip of the toes to the base of the spine, on both legs simultaneously, not just the foot itself. No other device can safely send the healing signal from one foot to the other foot, the way the ReBuilder can. Only the ReBuilder treatment system has the necessary protective biofeedback circuitry and is designed to function in this way. To do so without the proper protective circuitry would be very dangerous, and may cause irreparable nerve damage. Some systems pair a conductive sock with a grounding cuff just above it, on the calf or thigh, or a glove paired with a wrist cuff. Do not expect to get the same results from using a conductive garment partnered with a grounding cuff. This method will only treat the foot or hand itself, not the entire nerve pathway. You must treat the entire peripheral nerve pathway from the toes to spine, or from the fingers to the spine, for treatment to be effective. Similarly, the ReBuilder is approved for use with a twin compartment footbath. No other device is, and this sort of "off-label" protocol with any other device puts you at risk.

Not only does this foot-to-foot type of treatment affect the nerve in its entirety (tip of the toe to the base of the spine), but it also makes use of the body's skeletal blood pump, enhancing blood flow to the extremity. Treating the foot or ankle alone, does not (see the images below).

ReBuilder Treatment

Imposter Treatment

The ReBuilder is designed to be safe, as well as easy to use, without complicated settings and adjustments. The ReBuilder calculates all of the adjustments automatically for you, itself. You simply control the strength, or intensity, of the signal. Extra treatment options, manual inputs, and adjustable frequencies over-complicate the ability to conveniently treat yourself at home. The addition of extra options is unnecessary, and confusing. The ReBuilder's signal is comprised of exactly what you need, soothing, rehabilitating nerve stimulation, coupled with the perfect amount of muscle stimulation to enhance circulation and healing. The ReBuilder has been safely used in the comfort of the patients' home, by the patients themselves, to treat their neuropathy symptoms successfully and without incident for over 27 years. No other device can make this claim.

The ReBuilder now carries a LIFETIME Warranty against defects. Most imitators carry a 6-12 month warranty at best. Under these warranty terms we will repair or replace your unit as necessary. If your device is damaged (non-warranty), in most cases we can repair it for a nominal fee, back to original quality here in our facility. Can these knock-offs do that?

The ReBuilder uses a common 9V battery as its power source. What can be easier and more readily available than a 9V battery? Nothing. This battery lasts about 45 days with average usage and can be replaced without tools for about $2, at any convenience store. Some competitors models use fancy rechargeable setups. NiCd batteries offer inconsistent power without the ability to hold a charge for extended periods of time, and a memory effect which requires the battery be fully discharged before recharging. NiMH batteries will outperform them as far as run-time, but still offer inconsistent power over the life of the charge. Li-ion batteries offer consistent power supply with memory-less rechargeability but this comes at the cost of their unique predisposition to spontaneously break out into flames occasionally, not to mention their life expectancy which begins to degrade the moment they are manufactured, and lasts only 2 to 3 years whether you use it or not. Consider the inconveniences; you require a charged battery to treat. If depleted, you must wait until the battery is fully charged to use it. When the rechargeable battery has come to the end of its useful life, where do you get a replacement? How long does it take to get, and how much does it cost? Is it still available? Has this fancy machine now become a throw-away? We still have ReBuilder's manufactured in the late 1980's in service today.

With most competitors models being powered by batteries between 3-4 Volts, compared to our 9V system, one has to ask themselves how frequently they will be required to replace or charge the batteries? Considering the ReBuilder has twice the power, will these substandard devices be strong enough for an advanced condition? Remember, you are talking about treating both legs in their entirety, not just a small localized area like your ankle or knee.

The ReBuilder has a plain, bold face. It is not a diagnostic tool. It gives you no feedback, indicating levels of nerve conduction or otherwise. Nor do any of the competitive machines. The LED screen is a necessary inclusion on these devices so that you can change input parameters and treatment modalities, not to improve the outcome of treatment, but to over-complicate the ability of the average layman to use it. The ReBuilder does all of this for you. This LED screen also steals precious power from your aforementioned rechargeable battery.

Interferential and Micro currents are primarily designed for deep tissue massage and reduction of inflammation, not for nerve rehabilitation. With respect to the nerves, the use of these signals can only be compared to all the members of an orchestra playing different sheets of music all at once. This does not speak to the nerves in a soothing manner. Only the ReBuilder uses an amplified copy of a healthy nerve signal to gently coax your nerves back to functional health. It is a specially constructed symphony of stimulus, which soothes the nerves. The ReBuilder not only alters this signal for each individual, but each and every time it sends it, almost 8 times per second, in real time, to account for specific deficiencies in your own nerve response. You can read more about how the ReBuilder is different and why the results are vastly better than those of a 'common' TENS, in the "How Does the ReBuilder Work?" section.

Recently these alternative devices have been offered with special discount pricing if you order now, but if you read carefully, you must order by a certain date, and they do not ship the device until 3-4 weeks later. Do you really want to put your money in their hands, knowing they do not have, and will not have, product for almost a month to ship to you? Does this sound like the practice of a legitimate distributor? We are the manufacturer of the ReBuilder, and as such, always have stock. Order today; ship next business day. Always. Beware of unscrupulous individuals who employ bait & switch tactics, offering you a ReBuilder they don't have, only to try and replace it with substandard equipment. Read more about this, HERE.

If you have questions regarding use of a different device in comparison to the ReBuilder, contact us, and we would be glad to explain the pros and cons as it pertains to you, your results, and your safety so you can make an informed decision. Call us anytime Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm EST.


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